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Service pro to ceo hybrid programme

Solid & scalable systems, strategy & mindset that work for you.



  • Make decisions about your next business move based on your goals, not what your current clients want (whose business is this again?!)
  • Stop bending the rules from client to client and start holding them to a higher standard because you aren't paid enough to babysit.
  • Have more money/time/energy/whatever your personal priority is, without having to sacrifice more (yes, it is possible!!)
  • Say cya later to low hourly rates, ‘unicorn’ expectations and being treated like an on-call employee and hiya to things on your terms.
  • Deliver THE most seamless service in history so your clients totally trust you and have no reason to hassle you (empty inbox FTW!)
  • Hold yourself accountable and acknowledge the work you need to do to get this business where you want it to be (with me as cheerleader!)

ready to thrive in your day to day life and truly love what you do while feeling like you run a legit business? (because you do, btw)

But lets be real, your day right now might look something like this:


The second you open your eyes, you feel like your clients are standing around your bed waiting for you to fix their problems so you open up your emails and prioritise everyone else's business.


The next 8 hours are a blur of jumping from client to client, anxiety inducing notifications, and feeling like your business is running you rather than you running it.


You’re exhausted but have barely touched your to-do list, your inbox is busier than it was this morning, and you realise that over the last 8 hours you’ve worked, only 4 of them are billable.

Overall, it might look your business is working from the outside but on the inside it feels like a shit show. You're starting to feel resentful that you dedicate so much time to the growth of your clients but none to yourself, you aren't seen as the leader in your industry that you want to be, and you know you are meant for bigger things and are capable of having a larger impact.

You know something needs to change in order to create the extraordinary life you desire.

(And no, I'm not just going to tell you to become a coach!)

What you really need is


Proven framework for managing multiple clients and feeling in control.


Packages and prices that don't put a cap on your earning potential.


A step by step strategic plan to scale your way and reach your goals.

In two weeks working together, I signed two clients (with a potential third and fourth!) and actually doubled my income goal for the month - the best part is that it all felt effortless! I have better energy when I show up online and on discovery calls. I also now have a plan of how I'm going to grow and scale my business, something that was literally unthinkable to me a few weeks ago.

I'm so excited to implement everything that Jemma has taught, the difference in my mindset before and after only confirms that I did the right thing in signing up.

— Caitlin

the programme

Service Pro to CEO is an 8 week hybrid programme (mixture of teaching, mentoring, coaching, community, and pre-recorded modules) for service providers who are ready for that next challenge.

If you have ever been told your dreams are “too big” and you’re ready to show yourself that you are more than capable of creating an extraordinary business (and life), you’re in the right place.

I will help you:

Master your mindset

as you become a happy, fulfilled business owner with a thriving business that you love, rather than an overworked and overwhelmed fixer of everyone else's problems.

build services that scale

so that you can continue changing the world with your services and live your best entrepreneurial life without the fear of reaching capacity and having to stay stuck.

simplify, simplify, simplify

because if a Kardashian tagged you in a story tonight, your client application and onboarding process should be able to handle the demand without causing you any extra stress.


weekly support

Weekly group trainings on a specific topic with hot seat coaching, group chat support throughout, and a final group workshop to map out your next steps upon completion of the programme.

business partner sessions

1:1 support to get clear on what your specific business needs from you and what your personal action steps and areas of focus are to ensure you get the individual support and guidance you need.

tried & tested framework

Weekly focus on a different element of your business using the framework, with prizes for demonstrating that you hit specific milestones throughout the programme to keep you accountable.

"I have regained my confidence and belief in myself and re-ignited my passion for my business. I've realised that I am more than capable of running a successful business and I deserve (like we all do) to live life on my own terms. So thank you for helping me restore confidence in myself and my abilities. No more playing small!"

- Tonia

"Jemma helped me shift from my mood being directly correlated with business results, to feeling happy & grateful for my business and the impact I am making every single day - and this is the biggest shift for me. Jemma won’t give you any of the glossy ‘hustle’ talk, but she will help you grow a business you love."

- Freya

"I really felt a connection with Jemma because she is so open and honest about the good and the bad things, and a calm person as well. I feel like I don't have to pretend to be someone else. She is super successful being who you she, so maybe I can be too?"

- Terya

From service provider to service provider, I get it…

The reality is that growing and scaling as a service provider, especially a done-for-you service provider, is different from growing and scaling as a coach or course creator.

There are endless programmes out there on how to grow a business, but service provider specific resources are seriously lacking, and I’m doing something about it.

Having worked with hundreds of clients as a service provider over the space of 10 years, I know exactly how it feels to have big fucking goals, but no idea how to reach them with the service providing business model. 

I’ve supported many clients on their journey from running a business that works, to running a business that works specifically for them, their goals and their vision for how they want to live their life.

My belief is that growing and scaling a successful business (whatever that looks like for you specifically), while also feeling happy and fulfilled is part strategy and part mindset. I don’t believe in working on one without the other. So while I have a lot to give when it comes to the strategics and practicalities of growing your business, my psychology degree and masters is the cherry on the cake!

We don’t just stick a strategic plaster over the deeper issues, we seriously do 👏 the 👏 work 👏.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

I’m not joking when I say that you can turn things around so much quicker than you realise with the right resources and support.

You are much closer to the business you want than you realise. It’s time to take some action.

When I started, I had two clients that I was working crazy amount of hours for at only £10 per hour. Now, I have 6 IDEAL clients, who pay me what I am worth. I have three associates and more time for me! Invest in Jemma, you won't regret it. My transformation in just 3 months was huge and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Jemma is so lovely and nothing I asked was a problem. She made me feel really comfortable and I truly loved working with her.

— Hanah


Pay in full

  • Feedback from Jemma on your current business model and highlighting of areas for focus.
  • 1 x business partner session (1:1) with Jemma over Zoom to discuss your individual business.
  • 6 x group trainings with hot seat coaching.
  • Group Voxer chat for 8 weeks.
  • Group workshop to map out next steps upon completion of the programme to ensure you finish with clarity and confidence.
  • Access to 12 months inside The Hub (membership platform with monthly trainings, monthly BTS diary entries and more...)



payment plan

  • Feedback from Jemma on your current business model and highlighting of areas for focus.
  • 1 x business partner session (1:1) with Jemma over Zoom to discuss your individual business.
  • 6 x group trainings with hot seat coaching.
  • Group Voxer chat for 8 weeks.
  • Group workshop to map out next steps upon completion of the programme to ensure you finish with clarity and confidence.
  • Access to 12 months inside The Hub (membership platform with monthly trainings, monthly BTS diary entries and more...)


When I came to Jemma at the beginning of the month, I was working 10 hour days, I had no real processes in place and I was playing small. With Jemma's advice, I overhauled my communication system and raised my prices. (Yes I lost 4 clients) But I feel good about this clean slate and trust that I can now rebuild a business that is sustainable, enjoyable and for the long term.

Jemma has a wealth of knowledge and approaches any question with kindness and practicality. She gives amazing advice and made me feel really comfortable in being open and honest about my struggles.

— Ash

PS. Listen to what happened in the weeks after Ash left this testimonial in this podcast episode. Spoiler: she ended up earning more money doing less!

how amazing would it feel if:

Clients no longer caused you stress, anxiety or overwhelm, so you have more time and energy to actually focus on growing your business instead of everyone else's because let's face it, it's time to put yourself first.

You overcame all the sticking points in your business model and removed yourself as the bottle neck so that you can say hello to more money and more freedom and stop watching everyone succeed but you.

Your business is in alignment with your values, taking into account the life you desire, allowing you to experience the benefits that you actually started your business for in the first place (because otherwise, WTF is the point?!)

During the time I worked with Jemma, I was able to grow my business from just me (very overworked and had zero boundaries) to having 3 associates and have since been able to take a step back and no longer work weekends unless I want to. When I look back to December, I realise how much has changed since before I started with Jemma, and I couldn't be happier.

I would 100% recommend it. I spent quite a bit of time looking for the right coach/mentor and as soon as I had a call with Jemma, I knew straight away I needed her in my life! I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you helped me with over the course of the 3 months we were working together. I loved knowing that you were there if I ever had any issues or wasn't sure of anything. I have been able to take a step back over the past month and focus mainly on my clients. I am now invoicing for around 5k each month and apart from the odd issue here and there, it's been an absolute delight!

This has now created space for me to think about what I want to do next, so no doubt I will be in touch shortly to have you by my side :)


But Jemma, I don’t know if it’s possible for me because

*insert reason here*

Well, here are the words of a few service providers who felt the same before working with me…


"I was able to identify the ways my services fit together and how I am able to provide ways for clients to continue working with me in order to achieve the results I'm looking for. I have been able to take meaningful actions and work with tangible goals in mind."


"A huge thank you. I feel like I can now make some really positive and impactful changes in my business to bring it in line with what I want. To say it was eye opening was probably an understatement. I feel like we blew the doors off my business and I'm so grateful."

I was happy in my business, but I knew I had so much more in me to progress. If I hadn’t worked with Jemma I would not have believed in myself to go ahead with my plans! I would have continued to doubt myself and not think the idea was not good enough, let alone to be something successful!

From my first call to the final one with Jemma, the confidence in my business and personal/home life is huge!

Even if it feels a little uneasy at first, do it! The results, benefits and overall outcome will be huge. Jemma will encourage, support, guide and back you in your decisions. I loved Jemma's approach, she knew I knew the answers, but needed that encouragement/accountability to action them.

— Emma

About your mentor

I wasn’t one of those people who left a fancy six-figure corporate job in exchange for the entrepreneurial life. I was a psychology graduate just trying to find my place. The business that reached six figures in its second year (mid-pandemic might I add) was simply born from my desire to live an exceptional, extraordinary life.

When I started my business in 2019 I had no job (hey redundancy) and no money (hey credit card debt), but one thing I did have was a deep trust in myself and my abilities to have an impact on the world and achieve anything I set my mind to (aka I’m stubborn AF!)

Now I live in the beachside home younger me dreamed about, where you’ll find me reading, doing yoga, and making memories as I continue to build the business and life of my dreams.

My goal is to show you that it's possible for you to have the business, and life, of your dreams too.


how much 1:1 support will i receive?

Everyone in the programme will get one 1:1 call to work through their individual business needs, plus some 1:1 feedback before the programme begins to help you get clear on your specific goals during the our time together. There will also be the opportunity to get feedback and ask questions at the end of all group calls through hot seat coaching.

i'm new to business, is this right for me?

The programme is designed for service providers who already have their business set up, have clients and are likely a year or two into business. However, everyone's business is very different and so someone who is 3 months or 30 years into business might also be the perfect fit. If you aren't sure, book in a free 15 minute chat and I'll let you know if it's where you should be hanging out.

what if i have another question?

There are free 15 minute call slots available to book throughout the launch period if you have any questions about the programme, want to make sure it's right for you, or just want to chat to me 1:1 and make sure I'm the right person to support you on your journey. You can book one here.